cat painting, lovely surprise, cat, painting, watercolour, watercolor, cat in Paris, cat in Paris paintingJust recently I received a lovely surprise in my email box.  I don’t need to write more about the background because the email tells it all.  I asked the young lady’s (and her mum’s) permission if I can put her message into a blog and they said yes.  This is what she wrote:

“Dear Mrs Wright, I just wanted to thank you for the cat painting you gave me last year, on my 11th birthday in February for free at swap mart at Ocean keys Clarkson. I like to look at it every day and it goes nicely with my room, my cat likes it too. I can see you put a lot of effort into it, it is very beautiful and so was your cat in the picture. I made a painting of a cat before. Thank you for your kindness. Sincerely Aleesha”

Can you imagine how nice it was to receive such a surprise?  When you’re getting all sorts of junk mail in your emails it’s really nice to receive something like this.  I asked Aleesha if I could see the cat painting that she did and she was kind enough to send me a photo, and you she did (you can see it on the left). What a lovely painting – full of colour, mystery, and beautiful shapes and patterns.  I’m sure this cat has a story or two to tell, especially being a Paris cat!  Good luck with your future art projects, Aleesha. 🙂



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