“Unknown Land” is an exhibition currently on at the Art Gallery of WA, and if you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend that you do.  It features around 150 watercolour paintings, prints, and pencil sketches, created by the first European explorers and colonists, some professional artists and some amateur but all reflecting their version of events and landmarks in their art.  It is amazing to see pictures of places like Kings Park, St George’s Terrace, Swan River, and other familiar landmarks that of course were so different and untouched back then.

The Unknown Land exhibition finishes on the 30th of January so you only have a short time left.

Here’s a link to the exhibition page, if you’d like to know more: https://www.artgallery.wa.gov.au/exhibitions/unknown-land.asp

If you go, be sure to participate in the fun activity where you are asked to write down or draw what you envisage for the future of Perth.  Those who know me, will know what I wrote down.  If I’d had a bit more time, I would have drawn it.  Drop me a line and let me know what you thought of the exhibition. Oh, and let me know if you found the painting with a tear in it.

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