What would you rather buy – a painting of a rooster or a hen?  A painting of a bull or a cow?  A landscape or a cottage garden?  This was the subject of a discussion with a friend this week.  It seems that some subjects are more popular than others when it comes to purchasing a work of art.  But why is this?

I know that certain artworks attract my attention.  I love bold colours with lots of movement and impact, whether it’s in a landscape or a still life, or even a simple single flower.  But I’d love to hear from my readers.  If you were at an art exhibition, what would draw your attention first (besides the wine and cheese, of course)?  Would it be the subject, and if so, what would that subject be?  Would it be a familiar landscape or beach scene?  Or would it be a cute little puppy or kitten?  Or is it more likely to be certain colours, shapes, or medium (oil, acrylic, watercolour etc)?

Of the two paintings below, which one do you prefer?

Send me your comments and let’s get some discussion going…..

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Its All About Timing

I Swear I Just Saw a Worm

I Swear I Just Saw a Worm


  • Robyn

    I would love to have both pic of the hen & rooster

    April 11, 2014
  • Harry Davies

    I think I like the colours and technique of how the hen is painted the best… but I’d be more inclined to buy the rooster pic because there appears to be more of a back story.
    You missed a category—I think people are often drawn to a painting because of who painted it… and not for any other reason.

    April 16, 2014
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