At a recent City of Wanneroo Event I spotted this lovely old car (don’t ask me what model or year it is, I’m a female and all I know is that it’s a beautiful purple car)!  I couldn’t resist taking a photo or two and as I did I noticed lots of little reflections in the chrome and the headlights, and practically everywhere else.  I decided that I had to do a painting of it so a few weeks later, I set to work, choosing to paint a small part of the car, on a full sheet of watercolour paper.  The drawing itself took hours, and then came the painting part.  All up I think it took about 50 hours of slow, detailed work – the longest stint being 7 hours (with breaks in between, of course), so you can imagine how relieved I was when it was finished.  I’ve titled it “Reflecting on the Past” which has a bit of a double meaning (I like double meanings in my titles), because it not only has reflections on it but it’s also a beautiful memory of the past.  I’m quite pleased with the end result, and you know what?  I think I’d even consider doing another one. One day.  Maybe next year!

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  • Martha Strother

    I think it’s a magic painting – it looks so realistic and I love the way you’ve made the shine on the mudguard and the headlight, etc. What a labour of love working on that grille! You’ve done a wonderful job with this – I hope I have the opportunity to see in in person one day! Well done, Renata!

    May 13, 2014
  • Andrew Jenkin

    I stumbled upon this through a Google image search for watercolour car art, and this absolutely blew me away! All the surfaces, the chrome, the reflections, and the detail do the subject matter such great justice. It obviously took you as much care and patience to paint as it did for the owners to build the car itself!

    I’m a car guy, so it’s a bit embarrassing to admit I didn’t know what it was either, apparently it’s a “Standard Ten” a British car from 1934 (99% of the time hot rods are Ford or Chevrolet) – heavily modified of course. So don’t feel bad about not knowing what it was, I guarantee you almost no one else would either!

    Please do more! 😀

    September 21, 2017
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