practise watercolor skies, watercolour sky studies, watercolor sky studiesThis week I’ve been as busy as ever, and one of my little projects was to practise some quick watercolor sky studies.  These were each created on 1/8 sheet of watercolour,  and I did not use reference photos or have any scene in mind.  The main focus was on painting different types of skies over various landscapes.  Interestingly, the sunrise study looked terrible when I first laid the colours on but once it dried I was very pleased with the outcome.  It sure is colourful but have you seen our Perth sunrises and sunsets lately?  Wow!  They have been mesmerizing.

These studies took about 15 minutes each (not including drying time) and as there was no pressure to complete a masterpiece, I felt that I was more spontaneous with how I approached each one.  I commenced with the mindset of “let’s see what fun I can have with watercolour skies today”!  And you know, I doubt that I would have tried such a colourful sunrise on a painting that I was planning on completing for framing.  So it shows that when you are only practising and not putting pressure on yourself, you can produce some lovely surprises!

I suggest that if you’re keen to improve on your painting, drawing or any skills really, you should just practise, practise, practise!  Little sketches, little studies that only take a few minutes, once or twice a week will make the world of difference to your art.  Keep a small sketchbook and pencil in your bag/backpack and take it out whenever you have a minute or so to spare (perhaps on the train, or waiting for appointments, or picking up children from school).  There will always be inspiration around you. Always.

Happy practising!


  • Sydney Munro

    Must agree I tried to paint a picture a day but taking around an hour to complete, they would have been the same size as yours and was good to do. It’s a great way to free yourself up and just paint, it’s probably time to have another run with it,

    June 5, 2014
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