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Is It Wise? by Renata Wright

We had a bit of fun in class last night (well, I like to think we have fun in all of my classes but last night was a bit different). I asked students to paint on a music sheet or page from a book instead of the usual watercolour paper. It was quite a challenge because depending on the type of paper we chose, it was prone to buckling, tearing, and blurring.  But we soldiered on and I must say it was so much fun that I think I’ll do it again sometime.  For my piece I chose a page from a school book about grammar and then painted an owl on it (wise owl – get it)?

I’ve added some photos of what students painted too.  How clever are they?  Well done to all.  🙂


watercolor on other paper,

Artwork by Syd Munro

18 August 2015 Ivan

Artwork by Ivan McLennan

18 August 2015 Jill

Artwork by Jill Butler

18 August 2015 Maree

Artwork by Maree Pillings

18 August 2015 Ros

Artwork by Ros Munro

18 August 2015 Sue

Artwork by Sue Curry

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