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It’s Almost Christmas!

As it’s that time of year again, I thought it would be timely to let you know about my private lessons at home.  People often ask me if they can buy their girlfriend, wife, husband, friend etc some private lessons as a gift for a special occasion eg Christmas.  And of course, the answer is “yes, definitely”.   I love private lessons as they give me the opportunity to focus 100% on the person I’m teaching.  Private lessons are wonderful for those people who can’t commit to a term of lessons or who don’t want to be part of a large group for one reason or another.  I’ve taught a number of private lessons at home and each student has gone home with new skills and ideas, and enthusiasm for watercolour painting.

Costs of the lessons are $55/hr (minimum 2 hours), $150 for 3 hours, or $180 for 4 hours, and if they are purchased as a gift for someone, I prepare and send out a voucher which can be printed and given to the student on their birthday/for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day/on Christmas Day etc.  Before each lesson I contact the student to ask what subject they’d like to paint, and then depending on their skill level, I find a suitable subject, get the paper stretched and ready, set up our painting equipment and have everything ready to go so we can get straight into drawing and painting when they arrive.  I keep the instructions methodical and easy to understand and I paint alongside the student, step-by-step.  There’s time to stop for a cuppa if needed (although most students want to keep painting – I guess they’re really keen)!

**  If you would like to purchase a Private Painting Lesson gift voucher for Christmas, please contact me via email – or call 0450 524 229.  **

Private Painting Class FAQS

  • Do I need any experience to attend your private watercolour lessons?  This is the most common question I am asked.  No, you do not need any experience to attend my lessons.  The lessons are designed so that you can follow along step by step when you are new to watercolor and if you are a bit more experienced, I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and experiment with colours, shapes, brush strokes etc to develop your own style.
  • Is watercolour a difficult medium to work with?   Yes and no.  The only difficult thing about watercolour painting is that you need to plan a little bit more because watercolour does not allow you to make too many mistakes.  I do share my tips on how to correct mistakes so you have nothing to worry about though.  Watercolor can actually be quite easy to work with as its unpredictability can actually be a wonderful happy asset when painting, which means it often does the work for you without you even realising it!
  • Will I be the only student in your private lesson?   Yes, unless of course, you’d like to bring a friend or family member to paint with you.  A second or third person will pay the same cost as you.  Also, if someone is bringing you to the lesson, they are more than welcome to stay while you paint.
  • Should I be able to draw first before I attend your lessons?  No, it’s not absolutely necessary.  I give advice on how to draw the tricky bits and make changes so that the picture is more interesting.  Most of my pictures are adaptable which means you can leave out parts that are too hard to draw and you can add other bits instead.  For example, if we are painting the ocean, you could leave out any people on the beach and just add a seagull or two in the sky.
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