Cruising on a houseboat on gentle water, surrounded by towering cliffs, flora and fauna, with a small group, painting at your leisure or simply watching the world go by, eating delicious food and sipping a cool drink. Sound pretty good to you? Then this could be you if you choose to join me on this year’s Murray River Art trip in South Australia. Last year eight artists joined me, and it was such an enjoyable trip, that I’m going to do it again (and actually so is one of the ladies who came last year)!

The houseboat has six cabins, each with its own ensuite, and there is just one cabin left.

It will run from 26 October to 01 November 2019, which is a month away, and although it’s advertised as a travel sketching art trip, you don’t have to come along for the art bit. You could just join us for a relaxing holiday – and trust me, it’s very relaxing!

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You can also call me on 0450 524 229, or email me at


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