Greg Allen, artist, Greg Allen artist, art trip, art trip to Busselton with Greg Allen, art trips, art tours, art tours of Australia, Aussie Redback Tours, Aussie Redback Art Tours, watercolour tours, watercolor tours, watercolourOur recent trip with Greg Allen (and Aussie Redback Tours) to Busselton and surrounding towns was a huge success!  Our group of 14 were treated to five days of detailed and entertaining art tutoring, sharing of knowledge, and expressive demonstrations, giving us all the enthusiasm and new ideas we needed to create our own masterpieces!

On the drive to Busselton, Greg taught us the history of impressionist painting in Australia which set the scene (pardon the pun) for further tutoring as the days evolved.  In the afternoon, once we’d settled into our luxurious accommodation at the Abbey Beach Resort, we gathered by the poolside for a lesson on the hows and whys of en plein air painting.  The following days included painting sessions at Meelup Beach, Boranup Forest, Bridgetown, and Balingup, where Greg chose a scene to paint and then demonstrated each scene from start to finish (and of course, each finished piece was a masterpiece)!  Whilst on location, we had the opportunity to paint too, and Greg was available to give tips and suggestions as needed.

Greg also provided a critique session one evening, where we got to see each other’s work and learnt where each piece was successful and where improvements could be made.  It was wonderful to see everyone’s work together as during the days we’d often spread out a bit to find a spot that resonated with us for painting.

It all came to an end too soon but Greg has assured us he’ll be back next year for an art trip to Albany, Denmark and Walpole.  If you’d like more information on the next tour with Greg Allen, you can read about that tour (and others) on the Aussie Redback Tours “Art Tours” page – Aussie Redback Tours – Art Tours

And here are some more photos:

Greg Allen Art Trip (1) Greg Allen Art Trip (2) Greg Allen Art Trip (3) Greg Allen Art Trip (4) Greg Allen Art Trip (6) Greg Allen Art Trip (7)

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