I just spent two wonderful days at the City of Wanneroo, drawing and painting items from their museum.  “Drawing Rooms” was an exhibition set up and designed to encourage visitors to draw, paint or photograph featured objects and artworks from the City of Wanneroo Museum and Art Collections.  It was a lovely way to take a trip down memory lane, viewing, drawing painting objects like jugs, a tin tub, a tin bucket, bottles, bowls, cutlery, cotton reels, an old sewing machine, a very old wedding dress, old tilly lamps, and even some old wooden knitting needles.  During my two art sessions, I was also given the opportunity to give some “arty” advice to budding artists who made the most of the opportunity of drawing the interesting objects and it was so nice to see them enjoying the challenge of getting proportions and tonal ranges right, and quite a few mini masterpieces were produced.

One of my favourite still life subjects was an array of laundry items, including a jug,wash board, tub, tea towel, and old ceramic bottle.  I began by drawing a quick sketch to get the composition and tonal range sorted, and then I used my watercolours (and a sprinkle of salt) to complete a painting which I was quite pleased with.  Still life isn’t my favourite subject but I actually enjoyed this composition that I think I’ll be drawing and painting something similar again one day.

As a bonus, my painting sold! Very happy with that!

still life, green strip, old jug, old bucket, tin bucket, tin tub, old water jub

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