Redundant - abstract watercolorI’m very happy to be taking part in a small way, in this very worthy fundraising event being held in Kalgoorlie on the 17th of May.  One of the organisers (and a Facebook friend) contacted me this week to ask if I’d like to donate a painting that they could auction off on the night.  I was more than happy to say yes as this is such a worthy event, and after sending some photos of paintings they could choose from, they chose “Redundant” which perfectly suits the Kalgoorlie environment.  And funnily enough, Kalgoorlie was on my mind the whole time when I painted it.  Kalgoorlie is also my home town so I am doubly pleased that a special Kalgoorlie painting is going back to my home.

If you haven’t heard of Bright Blue before, here’s a link to their Facebook page:

It’s the Police Commissioner’s Fund for Sick Kids, and they do all sorts of fundraising to help sick kids in Western Australia (particularly those with cancer).   Katrina told me it started because a good friend of hers has a daughter who had neuroblastoma cancer. They met another family in hospital whose son Charlie also had the same disease. It’s cancer that attacks the nervous system. Emily, her friend’s daughter survived after treatment, and Charlie unfortunately passed away earlier this year. “We are wanting to make this years auction a big one as it’s all about remembering Charlie”, said Katrina.

If you live in Kalgoorlie and will be going to this event, please dig deep and support the cause!  If they raise lots of money, this artist will be a very happy Vegemite!



  • Katrina O'KEEFFE

    Thank you so much for the publicity Renata and your very generous donation.

    April 18, 2014
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