Cairns Art Escape.  Tanks Art Centre.

Art “tanks” are set amongst a beautiful tropical garden.

This time last week I was at the Cairns Art Escape, which once again, was filled with a great range of experiences – painting lessons run by exceptional tutors, opportunities to meet some lovely new people and catch up with some familiar faces from the year before, AND a chance to escape the Perth winter weather for a while.  The Cairns Art Escape is hosted by the Cairns Art Society and is such a well planned and yet informal event that by the end of the week you feel renewed, refreshed, and like you’re leaving a second home.  This is the second year I’ve gone, and  indeed I intend to go back again next year, especially as it will be the 10th year that it will be running so it will be nice to celebrate that milestone.

If you are an artist or even a potential artist, there are workshops to suit all levels in all mediums at the Cairns Art Escape.  The classess I attended were run by Greg Allen, well known and accomplished watercolour artist, and during my five days I learnt some new skills which have already made a difference to my watercolour paintings.  And there were other classes in watercolour, oil, pencil, acrylic, mixed media and even an encaustic workshop, run by artists Richard Klekocuik, Cherry Hood, Helen Cottle, John Turton, Judith White, Fu Hong, Colleen Woods, and Andrew Bonneau.  Even though you enrol with just one teacher, you can walk around and watch what other students and classes are doing and it’s a great way to be involved in more than one class in many ways.

So, if you’re thinking you’d like an art “escape” next year, have a think about the Cairns Art Escape.  I highly recommend it!

Find out more about the Cairns Art Escapes here:

Rising Above It watercolor painting

One of the paintings I did at the Cairns Art Escape (on day 2).

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