I don’t know about you but I MUST have music on while I paint! Today I am starting a new abstract painting and when I’m painting in abstract, I have some favourite music that I listen to. I turn the volume up so I can’t hear anything else (the phone ringing, the cats whining for food, or someone knocking on the door). I don’t want to stop my creative flow and this is the best way to do it. I usually paint on large watercolour sheets when I am painting abstract watercolour. For me, abstract calls for BIG so that’s what I do. BIG paper, BIG music, and BIG inspiration! Can you guess what my favourite music is for my abstracts? Well, to save you guessing, here they are:

David Bowie
Imagine Dragons
Kill Bill Vol 1 Soundtrack

There are others too but these ones, especially the Kill Bill soundtrack, really do it for me. Why is that? I’ve wondered about that and I reckon it’s because of the powerful music, words, and messages in them. I guess some of the songs are kind of aggressive which in a strange way, makes me more “aggressive” in my painting. Each brush stroke is put down with 100% determination. There’s no going back. I have found that my favourite paintings are the ones I’ve created in this manner. They’re not always everyone else’s favourites but that’s ok. My art is personal so it needs to please me before everyone else.

So, back to today’s abstract, you won’t get to see it for a while, but I can tell you it’s been inspired by David Bowie’s “Glass Spider”. Check this out:




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