For something different I thought I’d share a little story about two of my painting classes last week, and some lovely bear collectibles that we painted.  Well, we painted pictures OF them – we didn’t actually paint ON them!  Ryan, who is one of my students, is married to Karen who has a business named Bear Moments (  The love of bear collectibles all started a few years ago.  Karen’s mum and sister had collected some bears and she had collected a few too.  One day Karen went to the WA Craft Show and discovered “Teddy Tree” which prompted her to attend their classes, and then start making her own at home.  Karen loved making them so much that she decided to make a business out of it and now there’s no stopping her!  She has even launched an individual Teddy Bear Show within the annual WA Craft Show so be sure to look out for her and her cuties if you attend next year.

When Ryan told us about the bears, I just had to see some photos and of course, decided that we should all choose one to paint as a subject in class.  One of the paintings I chose to do was a bunny (of course).  You can see a pic below.  I’ve also added pictures of some of my students paintings.


Our bear “model”


Our bunny “model”


Lyndelle’s Bear


Pam’s Bear


Paula’s Bear


Martha’s Bear

Renata's Bunny

Renata’s Bunny

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