I’m back!  And the flowers were blooming marvellous (pardon the pun)!  As you probably know I’d been planning my first ever art trip to the wildflowers north of Perth for ages (and annoyed everyone a week before with updates on how many sleeps to go till we departed)!  Well, I’ve been and returned, and have brought back so many lovely memories. As mentioned, this trip was something I’d been wanting to do for quite a few years as I spent many childhood school holidays in the same area with my Mum and Dad, and last year I finally decided to arrange it.   I teamed up with Casey Australia Tours and together we created an itinerary which would suit both the artists and flower enthusiasts in our group (16 people altogether).

This year the wildflowers were (and still are) more abundant than they have been in previous years because of the good winter rains they’ve had in the area, so we were very lucky and spoiled for choice.  It was lovely driving along and seeing carpets of flowers scattered throughout the landscape, and of course so nice to be able to get out and just paint amongst nature without the distraction of things like phones, tv, traffic etc.  The flies were a bit “friendly” sometimes but as true artists we painted on and just found a way to swat and paint at the same time!

We visited New Norcia, Coalseam Park, Mullewa, Morawa, Dongara, Kalbarri, and Geraldton, and some other little stops in between, including the Coomberdale Wildflower Farm.  Whilst on location we were spoiled with morning tea, afternoon tea, and lunches – all provided by our fantastic driver, Sharon, who also kept us informed and entertained throughout the trip.

On our last evening in Dongara we had a mini exhibition to show off all the artworks we’d produced throughout the week.  It was such a nice way to see what everyone had been working on as we were often “lost in our own little worlds” as we painted during the day and were oblivious to what everyone else was doing.

And now I’m planning another trip to the wildflowers for the same time next year, as well as a possible art trip to the goldfields in May/June!  Stay posted for more news on those…..!

Wildflower tripCoomberdale Wildflower Farm Painting at Coalseam Park Painting near Mullewa Wildflowers near MullewaLunch in the outbackLast Night Mini Exhibition

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