It’s amazing how much art there is around us.  Often when one mentions art, we think of paintings and prints and generally things that hang on our walls, however art includes a wide variety of artistic mediums including leadlighting, sculpture (wood, metal, plastic), music, craft (wool, paper), expression in dance, the finishing touches on a barista’s coffee, and even the way a meal is created!  On my recent trips as a tour host, I was pleased to come across some form of art every day, and I’d like to share some of the photos I took.  I’m sure you’ll be familiar with some of them already.  I didn’t get any photos of artistic coffee or food though – it was consumed before I even thought about getting my camera out!

stone sculptures, Broken Hill, stone, sculpture

Stone Sculptures at Broken Hill

silver, spheres, silver spheres, Rundle Street Mall, Adelaide

Silver Spheres in Rundle St Mall, Adelaide

Terminator, Sculpture, central Australia

Terminator-like Metal Statue, Central Australia

yarn bombing, crochet, crochet yarn bombing, crochet tree

Yarn Bombing

water fountain, fountain, Rundle Street Mall, Adelaide

Water Fountain in Rundle Street Mall, Adelaide

metal sculpture, Menzies, Western Australia

Metal Sculpture in Menzies, WA

leadlight, glass leadlight, Coober Pedy, South Australia

Leadlight in Coober Pedy

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