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Water Colour Painting Classes Perth WA


“I have been enjoying classes with Renata for a few years now, both term classes and also some one day workshops. It all started when I decided that, with being a mum, working etc I needed some ME time. As I have always loved drawing and painting, it is something I just never found time to do. After my first class I was hooked.  The thing I love is that there is always a good mix of people, all ages and abilities, and it is a fun atmosphere. We have a good laugh and don’t take it too seriously, although we do manage to produce some great work. I have learnt so many new techniques and fun ways of working with water colour. We have also had the opportunity of exhibiting our work in the students’ exhibitions. It’s so nice to see everyone’s art work on display. Renata is such an inspiring artist and her teaching style is fun and relaxed.”  Heidi

“Not only is Renata a fine and skilled artist, she is also a thoroughly grounded and pleasant teacher.  She has a warm and friendly personality where you learn by example as if a colleague is sharing ideas with you, rather than a teacher. Renata makes you feel at home and comfortable in her class, with her relaxed and informative style of instruction.   She often suggests tips or tricks to improve your work or to bring out a particular aspect or focal point.  You never feel under pressure or struggling to keep up, as she adapts the lesson to suit the students, so you will feel the modest fees charged are great value for what you receive.   You learn many ideas to improve your work and Renata always encourages you as a class member, no matter whether you are a beginner or a more established artist.  Renata offers single classes or courses – I have never found crowding to be a problem in a class, nor lack of assistance.  In all, the class has always leaves you with a feeling of achievement and benefit from having attended.     I can highly recommend Renata Wright’s Art Classes to anyone who has an interest in learning to paint, or improve their abilities, and though she is very accomplished in mixed or other media, I have found her water colour classes to be most value to me.”  David

“Being an acrylic and oils painter for years I decided it was time to conquer my everlasting fear of Watercolours.  I searched the internet for watercolour teachers in Perth until I came across Renata Wright’s website.  Something about Renata’s versatile style jumped out at me and before I knew it I was enrolled for some of her classes. Well, I absolutely LOVED it!  Renata’s personality and her joy at what she does shines through and made me look forward to every Saturday lesson.  I learnt so much from Renata that now I actually opt to paint in watercolour instead of other media in many instances; -and found myself going to her classes even for the lovely social aspect and chance to meet many other artists.  Thank you, Renata for giving me back my passion to paint as well as teaching me everything I wanted to learn about watercolours.”  Karen

“I feel so lucky to be a painting student in Renata Wright’s watercolour class, as she is a beautiful artist and teacher. I joined knowing very little about watercolour and in the two years that I have been attending her classes, I have gained an understanding of colour mixing, tonal ranges, composition, abstract painting and washes. Renata has helped me to develop my passion for seascapes and marine life paintings. She has given us the opportunity to take part in student exhibitions which was a really awesome experience, and I never would have had the confidence to put up my own work without her support and guidance. I continue to sign up each term to Renata’s classes as there is always something new and interesting to learn from her.” Kate

“As a beginning watercolour artist, I learned a lot from Renata.  Watercolouring involves subtle colour mixing and a variety of techniques, which Renata skillfully described, demonstrated and helped us practice.  I’ve grown a lot as an artist as a result.  Several of my first year paintings now grace my walls at home.  I can’t recommend Renata highly enough.” Bill

“I have been going to Renata’s art classes and workshops over a period of about five years and have learned a great deal about watercolour painting through her fun and informative teaching style. Classes are relaxed and are perfect for beginners and more advanced students alike.
I continue to look forward to future workshops.”  Hilary

“I have enjoyed Renata’s classes so much and look forward to my Tuesday evenings”.  Jenny

 As I have always enjoyed the watercolour medium, I realized that I was struggling and not getting it quite right.   I was lucky to meet a lovely Water-colourist  named Renata Wright,who was doing 8 week classes for beginners, and onwards, so I joined.  Renata is a very friendly and brilliant teacher, she gives you a lot of encouragement through the classes and is always there if you need some help.  I have been going to Renata’s class for over two year and still go to the occasional full day class, as I enjoy the company and there is always something to learn.   Thanks to Renata, I am a much better Artists”.  Vera.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the last term of watercolour lessons with Renata Wright.  She is a very friendly, approachable teacher, happy to offer advice and guidance to her class.  As a beginning student, she immediately made me feel comfortable.   Renata chooses different styles of art for us to work on each week, which expands our knowledge and encourages us to try new and different approaches.  In particular, at the end of my very first lesson, Renata handed out our picture for the next week, saying that we needed to draw a value sketch prior to drawing on our watercolour paper.  I took one look at that picture and felt defeated.  I have never been able to draw, and really thought watercolour may not be for me.  But I sat down the following day and drew a fabulous dunny – yes, the great Australian dunny!  Just completing the drawing gave me so much confidence, and I really felt that my decision to start painting with watercolour was the right one, and that my ability had been validated.    I am very much looking forward to next term, as well as the 5 workshops that I am attending between terms.   Thank you Renata, for enabling me do something that I really enjoy.   Martha Strother

“I’ve learned so much in such a short time.  I’m really looking forward to the next term.”  Lyndelle

 “Renata’s classes have been great, inspirational, with lots of encouragement to develop our own style.”  Lillian

 “Started classes with no experience and enjoyed Renata’s relaxed teaching style and have enjoyed the classes.”  Anh and Sue.

 “This is the first time I have put paint on paper since school days (55 years ago) and loved it.”  Paula

 “Renata is a very friendly inspiring teacher.  It is run informally so you don’t have to worry if you haven’t painted before.  Everyone is made to feel at home and enjoy the time learning.”  Ann

 “Friendly atmosphere and very informative.”  Lesley and Dawn

 “Fantastic teacher, easy to understand, good material to paint, and most important to have fun and enjoy yourself.  Thanks Renata.”  Doug

 “A talented, approachable, patient teacher with a good sense of humour.”  Greg

“I have enjoyed Renata’s classes for more than 3 years and have enjoyed every minute of them.  I have learnt new skills, made new friends, found a great way to relax, and who knows – maybe other people will enjoy some of my art in the future!” Ros

“Renata seems to ge the best out of her students, quickly turning negatives to positives.  The progress achieved from her teaching is truly amazing.”  Syd